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Hi, I'm a print and interactive designer, UX strategist, agile producer and creative director splitting time between San Diego, Austin, and Los Angeles while traveling far and wide. I'm fortunate to be involved with some really cool projects and companies through which I'm exploring user experience design, e-learning, e-commerce, storytelling, content distribution, and audience-building to share authentic messages.

Most of my clients are in the film, media, education, e-commerce, music, and entrepreneurial spaces and many of them have a socially conscious focus, which is a high priority for me as well.

Through my company, Pacifica Studio (formerly City On Fire), I've worked on hundreds of creative projects over 16+ years and learned a diverse set of skills. Below are some highlighted projects:

I'm the Director of Design at Arcos Films, an award-winning, nonpartisan documentary studio focusing on the Switch Energy Project, a feature film, video library and teacher portal, and the Mental Health Channel, featuring 10 Series and 135+ short documentary episodes dedicated to mental health topics, nationally syndicated on PBS and Big Think.

I'm also the Creative Director at Tugg, Inc., a company we launched at SXSW 2012 that has been featured in major film and tech press as a revolutionary film distribution platform, enabling audiences and content producers to create crowdsourced theatrical screenings nationwide as well as distribute through educational and organization licensing in both physical and VOD formats.

I'm helping re-design and re-launch Live A Great Story, a community of inspiration featuring e-commerce and digital storytelling as well as live events around the US.

I'm the former Director of Design at Broad Green, a new-era Hollywood movie studio and distributor working with top artistic talent.

My design and creative strategy work for the film industry includes many projects including work for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment / SK Global, Hybrid Cinema, and numerous award-winning films as well as several film festivals.

Additionally, I design and consult for legendary director Terrence Malick, who said I have "a brilliant graphic sense," which is better than receiving an award as far as I'm concerned!

In early 2014 I helped Maptia develop and launch an online storytelling platform that showcases striking photo stories from around the world.

I enjoy speaking on media topics at universities as well as conferences, such as SXSW, and have been honored with being featured in a range of publications.

I co-produced and creative directed Echotone, a New York Times critics' pick documentary that was also named Top 10 documentaries by Paste magazine.

I designed and helped launch a robust and industry-leading e-learning, e-commerce, and e-library platform for UT Law Continuing Legal Education.

I spent nearly two years as the Senior Art Director and Strategist at Creative Suitcase, an award-winning print and interactive firm, where I lead other creatives, copywriters, and coders on a wide range or projects.

While steeped in the vibrant music scene of Austin, TX (the live music capital of the world) I photographed national artists for publications and festivals, produced sold-out music events during SXSW and ACL, and founded and operated Indierect Records, an indie label and management company that launched international stars Ghostland Observatory and helped many other bands get on the cultural map.

I also designed and co-produced Bleach, an arts and culture magazine that was tapped into the heart of indie fashion, music, and art for a few years.

I'm originally from Budapest, Hungary and have spent time all over North America and Europe and explored some of South America and Asia as well. I continue to travel frequently to gain perspective and inpsiration. I hope to continue to experiment and collaborate and do "work" that engages communities and creates an increasingly authentic dialog between content publishers, content producers, and audiences.

The idea of sustainability is at the center of what I do and think about — efficiency, natural harmony, balance, adaptability, holisitc comprehension, diversity, scalability, regeneration all influence my work and life.