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I love to share what I've learned in media and sustainability through speaking engagements at universities and conferences like South By Southwest, RISE, University of Texas, St. Edward's University, Baylor University, Austin Film Society, and other organizations.

I've focused my presentations primarily on:

Creativity, Commerce and the Livable City:

What happens when the creative culture makes a city so cool it can barely afford to keep living there? Can rapid urban progress and a vibrant creative community coexist? The Echotone film and multimedia project gave me front-row access to the intricate balance of neighborhood building, artistic integrity, and the enabling of the creative class to flourish in a changing city.

Hearing the Message, Answering the Call – Maximizing Documentaries:

Examining the multimedia documentary ecosystem to connect with audiences where and how they want, in-person and online. Through first-hand experience on Echotone, Switch, the Tugg platform, as well as through a wide range of research on audience activation and ambassador messaging, I examine how to expand documentary projects and maximize the message's reach.

Marketing Authenticity:

How brands stop advertising and start connecting. The age of advertising at us through the lowest common denominator is thankfully dying and is being replaced by authentic brand sharing. What does it take to really reach us in a meaningful way?

What Every Musician Needs To Know:

A selection of music business lessons I've learned over years of band management, promotion, and owning a small label. Now, more than ever, musicians have the chance to make their art independently sustainable. How has the landscape shifted and what are the skills required to succeed?

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